Update: Embracing Change

Hi all,

Shortly after I launched this blog, I had to leave the city, Chicago, ¬†for a new job that brought me back to Illinois’ captial, so I apologize for not keeping up. March 2017, I started a job as an account executive at an association management/public affairs firm in Springfield where I conduct PR/media relations for clients.


I just wanted to shoot this out as a PSA that I will be continuing to give perspective from a young professional navigating life, but extending from a city perspective. I think this is just a good example of what many young people starting out in the workforce go through. Internships, moves, and finally starting that first “real” gig. I quote real because many internships are already more real than many folks like to admit.

I just want to acknowledge that as we all know, change is the only constant in life. I can’t say I know how long I’ll be here, but I want to get back to connecting with you, and trust me, I am not shy of content because I moved — probably have even more.


I can’t wait to start my blog schedule up and hope you will join me by engaging in the discussion.